Ainhoa Trice. Barcelona, Spain.

Ainhoa ​​Trice, better known as Ynhoia, is a young artist and fashion designer. Interested in the zero waste movement and in the use of sustainable techniques and materials. Started designing and making his own garments at a very young age, it was not until 2019 when she started selling their creations worldwide through their own online store.

All her clothes came to a dystopian perspective of a world that came to an end, while at the same time trying to raise awareness of not reaching that point in real life.

The clothes are completely made by her in her small studio in Barcelona. Paying close attention to the development of each pattern to optimize material use.

Each design is created with unique zero waste patterns, with deadstock fabric or natural fibers, naturally dyed with plants, fruits and vegetable shells, or using low impact dyes. She also uses recycled garments which makes his creations virtually one of a kind.

Ynhoia advocates for an unisex fitting, not giving importance to the gender of the garments. In addition, most of his creations are of unique size with different ways of being able to adjust according to the size.

The various garments can be found in different collections in limited or unique quantities and some other permanent designs throughout the year for being essential basics.


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