Eco-friendly low impact certified dyes

Low impact dyes also known as fiber reactive dyes. These Reactive dyes use a lot less chemicals than the synthetic and common dyes and are among the safest ones for the skin.

This type of dyes uses a very little amount of water. The dye itself bonds with the fibers and even becomes a part of their molecular structure, which also means that less amount of dye stays in the water.

We mix our own colors to make limited edition garments with this process, so the impact on the environment is very low. The microbes in our soil break the the water down in to molecules that are harmless for the environment. If used on a larger scale, the wastewater can and should be recycled and reused in the dyeing process.



Zero waste

It’s estimated that 92 million tons of textile waste is created annually by the fashion industry. Zero waste fashion is all about reusing, creating a circular system, and producing no trash.

ZERO WASTE PATTERN CUTTING is a puzzle. It is a method of pattern drafting where all the pre-determined length of fabric end to end it’s strategically planned so that everything is used. It’s a more complicated method than usually pattern making, because it requires multiple tests and thinking out of the box. Pretty much All of our garments and sewing patterns use this method and are made and developed in-house in our studio.

To create those unique patterns we draw the general idea in our sketchbook and then make mini toiles to see how everything fits, we also use digital programs to reduce the amount of waste created.

We are proud to say that our production at the atelier generates a very minimal amount of waste due the original and unique patterns we create from scratch.

We also create garments that uses the traditional method of pattern making, however the common “waste” created it’s used for one of a kind and patched garmetns and accesories. We hate producing waste! and we encourage everyone to try and contribute to this method.

original designs



We don’t believe that colors, shapes and sizes has gender, not much explanation here, wear whathever you want! be brave, be an undaunted soul.



We know the general waste the fashion industry makes per year, for us is insane.

Upcycling represents a variety of processes by which “old” products get to be modified and get a second life as they’re turned into a “new” product. In this way, thanks to the mix and aggregation of used materials, components and items, the end result is a “new product” with more value than the original value of the sum of all its components. We upcycle old clothes to be re-adapted and/or re-purposed in a creative way, and whose lifespan is, therefore, expanded.

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