the story

All the imaginary and conceptualization of Ynhoia is inspired by the human being and his actions. With a great interest in the behavior of humanity, she creates the world of Panthalassa, a world where all her creations have a place giving solutions to her characters, focusing on an artistic sustainability despite the decline that is suffered, a way of giving hope when it has been lost.


“They discovered a certain bluish mineral of great power, which generated energy, that material was unheard of and unknown to all, and it surpassed the knowledge of even the most sages. They started using it as fuel, it could be said that an industrial revolution began at all levels.

In a few years, that material was used massively to make everything work, to the point of starting to be toxic, something that no one could foresee, since technology and tools at that time were not as developed

The rains began to be acidic, the air unbreathable, the water was polluted and the land was infertile, people were dying of diseases developed in a strange way and many other new ones started, the contamination was imminent and irreparable. The human being was corrupt.

The solution was to live underground, the only place where they did not die, so some people began to believe in going back to the beginning, when all that had not yet happened and everything was pure. That group of people called themselves Undaunted. ”

The world of Panthalassa – Ainhoa Trice (2017)

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