Special requirements for your size

Since we are a very small business of only 2 people (the seamstress and Ainhoa, the designer and everything else) we can make small changes to fit your needs. Such as:

  • shorten or lengthen the outseam or inseam on pants
  • shorten or lengthen the sleeve on longsleeve tops
  • shorten or lengthen the length of a cardigan/jacket
  • shorten or lengthen the overall length of a T-shirt
  • Widen or adjust sleeve width
  • Enlarge or adjust bust, waist or chest
  • Widen or adjust the bicep area
  • Widen or adjust the ankle
  • Widen or adjust the thigh

Example: We change the length of a garment because you are taller or shorter and you will prefer that garment to be 10cm less or more.

We will make this kind of changes only in made to order items.


After looking to the size chart there’s one that is your size but one of the measurements need to be adjusted you can write on the checkout notes when proceeding with your order to adress specifically that change and your measurement (check out how to measure yourself on that specific area).

if you need a size that is not available and there’s too many changes please write to us here.

Have in mind that we won’t change the design to your wishes. if that’s the case you may contact us to make a custom order below.

Custom order

You have a special event, you have look for an specific item from us for a while or simply you want lots of changes (more pockets, extra textures or even the color) of one of our garments, don’t worry we can make it!

we usually take custom orders the whole year, however it might depend if we have tons of orders on our shop.

if you want inspiration for that custom here’s a gallery of some of the past works.


If you are ready to take your wardrobe to the next level please write to our email ynhoiadesigns@gmail.com so we can discuss better everything.

Feel free to drop us an email with your measurements if you’d like some advice on what size to go for.

Don’t see your size listed? Drop us an email with your request so we can work on expanding our size range or making your custom size.

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